Commission Information

Character art:

Portrait – £40
*  Bust (waist upwards) – £50
  Full body – £60 
*  Depending on complexity backgrounds are between – +£10 - 30
*  Each extra character – +£20
*  Mature content (Nudity/sexual themes) – +£10

Landscape/space art:

*  Landscape (All kinds i.e. Alien or fantasy scapes) – £70

*  Space – £70

Commission process and payment:

If you are interested in a commission please click here or at the bottom of this page for the commission form and fill it out to the best of your ability. Once I have received the commission form I will email you back within 48 hours with a quote for the commission. If you agree to the quote then I will then send out a PayPal invoice for the agreed amount. I will then aim to start the commission as soon as I have received the amount due. It is possible that I might have a workload/backlog of commissions and as each commission is unique and ranges in complexity, size etc. the time it takes for me to complete a commission will vary. Due to this reason I cannot give specific dates or times for a commissions completion but it can take around 2 weeks or more so please be patient. Art takes time. To alleviate this I will be in frequent contact with updates on your commission.

(Work will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on their content and I reserve the right to reject any commission for any reason. Please see the T&C for more information).

Will draw:

*  Space & all kinds of landscapes

*  Humans & animals
*  Fantasy characters
*  Monster & Alien characters
*  Anthro/furry characters. (Subject to rules for mature settings, see T&C below for more info)
*  Mature content (Nudity/sexual themes).

Won’t draw:

*  Mecha or highly complex machinery.

*  Furry characters that are clearly more animal than humanoid in a nude or sexual manner.
*  Any artworks that depict underage characters in a nude or sexual manner.
*  Any artworks that have hateful/offensive themes.
*  For fetish artworks (please ask) but to list a few, I will not draw: Vore, Inflation or unnaturally muscular characters.
*  Currently no sexually explicit scenes like intercourse etc.

Finally. From the bottom of my heart I thank those who have and continue to support me as an artist.

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