Alien Woman Portrait Canvas Print, By CrownosArts

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Lilithrael. By CrownosArts

This is a portrait artwork of an original character of mine called Lilithrael. Lilithrael is an anthropomorphic ocean dwelling cephalopod alien from a race called the Tenethraels. She rules the oceans of her home world Psylus as a beautiful, powerful and mighty queen. Her age is unknown but she is thought to be over a couple of centuries old and remains the top predator within her waters.

Whilst Lilithrael is an alien she retains an inkling of humanoid features and forms making her alien from oddly beautiful, captivating and alluring to the viewer.

*** This is a must have piece or gift for anyone who loves aliens in all their infinite possible forms. ***

What you will be purchasing:
A digitally hand drawn piece of artwork drawn and signed by myself and printed on a wide range of high quality canvases with a classic 1.5" depth and stretched on a solid pine stretcher frame. You will also receive a free hanging kit to hang your canvas wherever you wish!

(The canvas shown in the viewing room is used for general display purposes only, the actual size may vary depending on the size you have chosen. To ensure that you get the canvas size you want please gauge the canvas sizes from the actual measurements given for exact dimensions. All measurements are measured in inches and calculated by Width then Height e.g. W30xH36")

*** Important shipping Information ***
The 1-3 business day processing time is reserved for those in the UK. For those who purchase my artworks from outside the UK the Processing time will likely take an average of 3-5 business days.

Whilst I do all that I possibly can to process and deliver my artworks to you within the allotted times given, both the processing and delivery days may still vary or be extended due to public holidays such as; Christmas, Easter, bank holidays or other possible holidays that affect the country you reside in.

To further ensure clear communications on processing & shipping, (Business days) are based on working days between Monday - Friday and so exclude weekends and public holidays. So for example if an order was placed late on Friday generally after 5pm then the order processing or delivery will not take place until the following Monday.5 business days.



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