Magnetic Madness Original Digital File Download, By CrownosArts

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Magnetic Madness. By CrownosArts

Magnetic Madness is an abstract piece that depicts the madness of magnetic polarisation in a spectacularly colourful way.

*** This is a must have download for anyone who loves science, physics, magnetism and fractal artworks! ***

What you will be purchasing:
This is signature free copy of the raw original Magnetic Madness JPEG file. The image comes in a huge 12000 x 7800 pixels at a resolution of 300PPI (Pixels Per Inch) which is perfect for extra large prints. You can use this image to upload and print out on almost any items you wish such as your own
canvas, poster, clothing or any other product you wish for this image to be printed on.

(Please note: this image and all its variants are copyright protected and so the distribution or use of this image in a profiteering/commercial manner of any means is strictly prohibited. This image should only be used for personal use only, please see T&C for more information)



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